Fox News' Jesse Watters attacks the city of Philadelphia, claims it’s “like The Walking Dead”

Watters: “This is coming to a city near you”

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Citation From the June 6, 2023, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Of all the things that this city needs, free crack pipes aren't it. Philly just installed these junkie vending machines. Have you seen Philly lately? The city's crawling with people high on tranq. It's this deadly sedative junkies mix with heroin and cocaine. It's turned the city into, like The Walking Dead.

And unless your local politicians get tough on drugs, this is coming to a city near you. Politicians that facilitate drug use are condoning drug use. They're euthanizing the country one addict at a time. By putting up a crack pipe vending machine, Eric Adams is condoning addiction.