Fox News hosts Schoen to defend Chamber of Commerce - without noting they apparently paid him

On today's America Live, Megyn Kelly hosted “Democratic pollster” and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen, who bashed the Democrats' strategy of making the funding sources of the Chamber of Commerce a campaign issue. At no point did Fox News mention that the Chamber of Commerce recently commissioned -- and presumably paid -- Schoen to conduct a poll for the GOP-aligned group.

On September 23, the Chamber released a poll “by Frank Luntz and Doug Schoen” finding that as a result of the health care law, “small businesses are less likely to create jobs, less confident in their ability to succeed, and consequently less capable of helping to lead our economy out of this downturn.” The Chamber also released a memo that Schoen co-wrote for them and a transcript of a conference call he participated in for reporters on behalf of the Chamber.

While Kelly and the onscreen text identified Schoen as a “Democratic pollster,” Schoen appears to be rooting against the Democrats in this congressional cycle. He's donated money to the unsuccessful congressional campaign of Republican Angela McGlowan, and was listed as a headliner for a fundraiser for Republican candidate John Gomez. This, of course, makes him one of Fox News' favorite “Democrats.”