Fox News hosts, political analysts spend Tuesday celebrating and shilling for conservatives and GOPers

How'd you spend your election day Tuesday? If you're a Fox News host or political analyst, you might have spent it shilling and celebrating for conservative and Republican candidates:

  • Mike Huckabee (Fox News host): On his Twitter account, Huckabee repeatedly implored followers to make “phone calls for Bob McDonnell, David Harmer and Doug Hoffman.” On election night, Huckabee wrote: “It's a great night to be a conservative Republican! Now let's get to work and change America in 2010. We can do it!!” Huckabee also made robocalls in Virginia to conservative voters on behalf of Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition. The potential 2012 candidate frequently uses his and other Fox News shows to promote his political action committee and conservative candidates.
  • Sean Hannity (Fox News host): On his syndicated radio program - which airs before his 9pm E.T. Fox News program - Hannity told New Jersey listeners to “get to the polls” and “stop Obama-care in its tracks.” Hannity, of course, frequently uses his Fox News program as a platform for conservative causes.
  • Karl Rove (Fox News political analyst): On his Twitter account, Rove repeatedly solicited funds for the Republican Governors Association and Doug Hoffman. While soliciting funds on Tuesday, Rove also appeared frequently on Fox News' “fair and balanced” Tuesday election coverage to offer analysis. Then-Fox News executive John Moody once said of Rove: “Are we getting a Republican spin? Of course. But that's what he's there for. There's no attempt to conceal that.”
  • Newt Gingrich (Fox News political analyst): Before Election Day, Gingrich wrote on his Twitter: “If you know anyone who lives in new jersey make sure they vote for christie tomorrow.” Gingrich followed up by writing on November 3: “If you are in virginia new jersey new york 23 or the california special election remember to vote today Remind your friends in those four.” Gingrich received criticism from conservatives for endorsing Republican Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 race.
  • Tammy Bruce (Fox News political analyst): On her blog, the conservative radio host wrote: “Today is the day when New York, New Jersey and Virginia can give a tip of the hat to President Ronald Reagan and the vital importance of fiscal conservatism and small, unobtrusive government. Now go out there you guys and win three for the Gipper, that's all we ask.”
  • Eric Bolling (Fox Business host and host): Bolling endorsed Hoffman, Christie and Mike Bloomberg (I) on the November 2 edition of Fox Business' Happy Hour. On election night, Bolling celebrated Christie and Bob McDonnell's victory.

That glee transferred to Fox & Friends, where Fox News revelled in calling GOP victories the “winds of change,” a “Republican revival” and a “blueprint for success.”