Fox News host Sean Hannity pushes “great replacement theory”

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Citation From the May 9, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON (GUEST): You can see that in Joe Biden's approval ratings, so they feel that they can have a new constituency and turn states like California and Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, maybe Texas, one day, and Arizona blue from red, and they can get a constituency that needs a larger government, then that's in their favor, and the only thing they're worried about right now is the public relations and the optics because they feel it's so egregious that they have no public support and it's going to alienate them. That's all they're worried about. But, privately, they think, "Wow, we pulled it off. We got 7 million people here illegally before they knew what was going on." That's all they care about. 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So there are many, professor, there are many countries that you could buy citizenship to. For example, in a country like Australia, New Zealand, it's very expensive. Then there are other countries that are relatively inexpensive. You can buy a passport. You can have dual citizenship, for example. So you are saying this is deliberate in the sense that ultimately the plan would be to offer amnesty, something of great, great value, I mean, if it's $10 million to get into New Zealand or Australia, I would imagine if we charge for citizenship, that's something of great value and that they would be rewarded politically for that.