Fox News host: “One of the big threats” from asylum seekers is that “they become criminals. You can't trust them.”

Julie Banderas: “Obviously these are lawless immigrants. They don't care about laws.”

From the December 21 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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JULIE BANDERAS (CO-HOST): Here is the problem: The reason why -- one of the big threats here is that a lot of asylum seekers, they come into the United States, right? And then they have to wait for their court proceeding, and a lot of them just disappear. And guess what happens to a lot of those? They become criminals. You can't trust them. 


BANDERAS: There is an uptick in illegal immigration. Obviously, the caravan is adding greatly to those numbers. But, with the uptick, obviously these are lawless immigrants. They don't care about laws. So, I mean, the fact that the [Department of Homeland Security] is basically saying look, we will process you in Mexico, then you will wait there. I don't believe any of these illegal immigrants really care. It's not going to deter them. 

DOUG SCHOEN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I'm not sure they're all lawless. I'm not sure that they're --

BANDERAS: Lawless? They're breaking the law by coming into the United States. That's what I mean by lawless. 

SCHOEN: They are seeking asylum to a very large degree. That is not a lawless act --

BANDERAS: But I'm talking about the ones that are not seeking asylum the proper way.


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