Fox News host Mark Levin pushes fringe climate denial in an unhinged rant on the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations

Levin: “Carbon dioxide is not pollution"

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Citation From the August 20, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

MARK LEVIN (FOX NEWS HOST): Do you know what this is? It's akin to The Communist Manifesto. This is the Bernie Sanders-Biden manifesto. They put this out. Nobody is discussing it. No newsroom has actually read it. It's not discussed at the Democratic convention. And by the way, liberty is not discussed. Electricians aren’t discussed, plumbers aren’t discussed -- it's just a big hate fest. But I want to go through this very briefly, because that’s all the time I have anyway, I want people to know what is in this document. It's 110 pages long, how they’re going to destroy your country. They want to retrofit millions of American homes and buildings to prevent carbon dioxide emissions and use. What’s carbon dioxide? Well if you’re in third grade and you’re taking a science class, it’s what you exhale and then plants use it to create oxygen. That’s third grade stuff. 

Retool assembly lines for zero emissions vehicles. Bye, Detroit. All 500,000 school buses in America transitioned to zero emissions vehicles within years. Massive expansion of public transportation. Massive regulation of fossil fuels leading to blackouts and brownouts you can see in California right now. In other words, they want to end natural gas, coal, and oil.

Climate. “National goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions from all new buildings by 2030” -- by the way, do you know what greenhouse gas emissions are? You ever drive by the road and you see a greenhouse in the winter and flowers are growing and tomatoes are growing? It's called the atmosphere! -- “In an attempt to create a 100% clean building sector.” You can see how they’re going to demolish our economy, destroy our smokestack industries. “Commit to eliminating carbon pollution” -- carbon dioxide is not pollution. We don’t get oxygen but from giving carbon dioxide to plants -- ”from power plants by 2035, through new technologies and neutral standards for clean energy and energy efficiency.” They want to install 500 million solar panels, 60,000 made-in-America wind turbines. You’ll never get any sleep. “Commit that all jobs in the clean energy economy will be unionized. Pursue environmental and climate justice.” I have no idea what any of that means.