Fox News host Jesse Watters uses victims of rape and murder among asylum seekers to justify “Remain in Mexico” policy

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Citation From the April 27, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Mayorkas justified Trump's "Remain in Mexico" program. But his reasoning might surprise you. 


ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS: I'm familiar with the Migrant Protection Protocols that, the common language used to describe that is the "Remain in Mexico" program. ... I so significantly and ardently oppose it. We received, for example, a report of more than 1,500 incidents of murder, rape, torture, and other crimes committed against the individuals who were subject to the "Remain in Mexico" program. 


WATTERS: So, the migrants were raping and murdering each other and then are we letting them in, too?