Fox News host Jesse Watters praises CNN for “making a business decision” and hosting Donald Trump’s town hall

Watters: “This is the perfect format for Donald Trump”

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Citation From the May 11, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): This is the perfect format for Donald Trump. You're going to put President Trump live in the middle of a little arena, surrounded by fans, up against a 30-year-old CNN anchor? Oh, my god. I mean, that was not fair last night. That's what everybody wants to see. 

And, so, CNN, I think, did well though. Because CNN's making a business decision here. They're going to pivot and say, we're going to play in this political game, in the primary, maybe. And we're going to chase ratings. They got a good number last night. And we're going to try to be normal again like we used to.

Now the rest of the media is hysterical because their strategy was to censure and scandalize the president. Don't let him talk, ignore him, and treat him like a disease. Now, the media only works in a mob and if CNN breaks, then Trump just broke them, and CNN helped them break it.

Trump was good just by showing up.