Greg Gutfeld calls on Fox News viewers to post “exact names and addresses online” of protesters to “make their lives extra difficult”

Gutfeld: “I think what I said is against the law”

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Citation From the September 8, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Protesting is a right, but ruining the experience of others isn't. When you think about the pregnant woman trying to get to the hospital, but the road was blocked by the same organization. So you have a right to protest. And you ask for a solution. So, we deserve that right as well. And I think that we should be posting their exact names and addresses online, on social -- on websites. So, if you desire to make their lives extra difficult, you have the right, too. They do a group protest. What's wrong with a personal protest? Return the volley -- tennis speak.

You connect -- what you're trying to do is what you're trying to do with the buses and immigration. Connect the cost to the actions. Dox the people who are destroying other people's experiences, whether they're trying to get to the hospital, or trying to get to school, or trying to watch a game. So that means, you find out where they live, you pull -- you know, you've got bananas in the tailpipes -- but they probably don't own cars, flaming bags of dog poo on the porch -- but they probably don't have a porch. Let the air out of the tires on their scooters. You know what, tear down their BLM signs. Do anything you want as a sign of protest, because they're doing it for you.

I think what I said is against the law.