Fox News host: “Every one of us” who uses oil from Russia is complicit in atrocities committed in Ukraine

Rivera: “You are just as guilty”

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Citation From the March 3, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

GERALDO RIVERA (CO-HOST): I'll say this also: Any business person, any company that buys Russian oil is complicit. You are aiding and abetting a monstrous war criminal. You are just as guilty.

JEANINE PIRRO (CO-HOST): Does that include America? That includes America?

RIVERA: It includes every one of us. 

PIRRO: America?

RIVERA: Every one of us.

PIRRO: America?

RIVERA: If we buy -- if we buy -- I don't know about the nations -- but, generally, but I'll talk about any business person in America or anywhere else who buys Russian oil, you are complicit. Your hands are -- there's blood in that oil. You may get a bargain on it. It will haunt you forever. Turn your back on it. This -- this has to be seen in the context of what it is. This man is attempting to wipe out the Ukrainian race.