Fox News host to congressman over GOP dysfunction: “Aren't you embarrassed, isn't your party embarrassed by the way they're acting?”

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Citation From the September 20, 2023, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (FOX HOST): He knows that, doesn't he? So what's the point of blowing up your continuing resolution? It's you and Chip Roy who he blew up, what's the point?

REP. MIKE JOHNSON (REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN): Yeah. Well, we're having some intense fellowship behind the curtain, OK? But we have a slim margin alright, this is the reality of governing with a small majority, but we're going to get there, we're not going to shut the government down, I'm convinced we're not. I think cooler heads will prevail and we'll get ultimately the 12 appropriations bills that we need. We have great leverage for the ultimate negotiation time with the White House and the Senate, but we've got to have ourselves in the best place to do that.

KILMEADE: Isn't it embarrassing though, aren't you embarrassed, isn't your party embarrassed by the way they're acting?

JOHNSON: Well, look. Politics can be ugly sometimes. But what you are seeing is regular order, that was the big reforms that we got, You don't see let's pass the bill now and read it later, you see the messy part of the sausage making. OK? And that's part of it. But we're optimistic, I think we'll get the team together, and do what we have to do. We'll get the job done.