Fox News host calls on “local and state law enforcement to step up” and “fight back” against the Department of Justice and FBI

Mark Levin: “We’re going to lose the country otherwise”

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Citation From the April 17, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity

MARK LEVIN (GUEST): And let me tell you something. Never before in American history has a president been indicted by a DA or an attorney general. It's never been tested. The truth is that you can't really indict a sitting president at the federal level. It's never been imagined at the state and local level, so why am I imagining it? Thanks to Alvin Bragg, he showed us how to do it against the next president, the leading Republican candidate for president. 

By God, it's time for Republicans to fight back, to run on the edge of the Constitution, to see what they can do because we're going to lose the country otherwise. This corrupt president and his family are taking us under. This corrupt attorney general and this whole damn federal Department of Justice and FBI, they're out of control. We need local and state law enforcement to step up.