Fox News host calls indictment of Donald Trump “one party hunting another”

Greg Gutfeld: “They’ve just amplified his folk hero status”

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Citation From the March 30, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): We've had parents called domestic terrorists, right? We have had imprisonment of nonviolent people from January 6. Trump's being indicted. Basically, it's one party hunting another.

The thing is, what they've -- the risk is, they just made this guy bigger than politics. He is officially going to be a folk hero. He's a political -- he's going to be a political prisoner, being prosecuted over politics, and what they did -- and I don't know if they realized what they did -- they proved him right. He said they were out to get him. He said they were -- he's a proxy for the voters. They're out to get the voters, too. So, it's like, I think what happened is they've just amplified his folk hero status.