Fox News host attacks Joe Biden for talking about his deceased son

Lawrence Jones: “Sometimes you've got to take the L as the commander in chief”

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Citation From the April 7, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

LAWRENCE JONES (CO-HOST): He has this weird thing that he does and he did it when we lost the 13. He took it back to Beau. We have all lost family members at some point in time. But you don't get to invoke your dead son to use it as cover when you're addressing a travesty that you caused.


JONES: Yeah, he does. He does it all the time. Any time that there is a national tragedy, he says "I understand because I lost a son." No. No, you don't understand. You put their lives in danger. And I think that's what the people want.

Sometimes you've got to take the L as the commander in chief and hasn't been willing to do so. It was a disservice to send Admiral Kirby there, who was there trying to facilitate a lot of this stuff. It would've been a disservice to send Karine Jean-Pierre even though she's the press secretary. Go face the American people yourself. Be a leader.