Fox News host after mass shooting in Jacksonville: “Do not punish the lawful, target the unlawful or the mentally ill”

Greg Gutfeld proposes civil court database where “teachers and relatives” can flag “somebody that they believe is mentally ill and should not be near a firearm” 

From the August 27 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (HOST): Well, the issue is there’s just a number of variables and some people find one variable, guns, more of a priority than another variable, which is mental illness. 

You could probably address the whole thing with a database, which I've talked about where teachers and relatives can submit a name to a civil court of somebody that they believe is mentally ill and should not be near a firearm.

If this was the dad's firearm, he should be held responsible for that, if this -- if this unstable, mentally ill person was to get that -- that way you don't punish -- and I talk about this with opioids -- you don't punish the overwhelming majority of people who are using the product wisely. Whether you're driving a car, or you're using opioids, or you're using weapons it's the same principle. Do not punish the lawful, target the unlawful or the mentally ill. 


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