Fox News' Gutfeld says the U.S. military has adopted a “racist theology” against white people

Gutfeld on critical race theory: “We don’t even know who’s behind it, where it’s happening”

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Citation From the June 23, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime

GREG GUTFELD (GUEST): You know what's interesting? I think you're seeing the new radicals. They're like parents, they're grandparents. They are the ones that have a lot to lose with critical race theory. You -- when you -- I've never seen an ideology burn so quickly through society. We don't even know who's behind it, where it's happening. You have a few talking heads, a few authors.

But we have the -- the Joint Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, defend teaching CRT to troops because he wants to understand white rage. When you now have that in the military -- this war, we're losing it. I mean, when -- when you have your own military adopting what is pretty much a racist theology, it's a cult.