Fox News' Gutfeld compares people who confront Kyrsten Sinema to Ashli Babbitt

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Citation From the October 6, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): To the fake feminist, Kirsten Powers, do you remember her? She was a familiar face here, always lecturing us on how poorly women in politics are treated, and the need for grace. It's — it was always about grace in civil life.

And then, she goes out after Sinema. She felt the — she felt that this was a cause for confrontation. She's a hypocrite. But this is the — the same logic that she's using, like, some issues are so important that you have to confront people. That was the same reason that Ashli Babbitt had when she went to the Capitol and she was murdered. An unarmed protester shot dead.

I tried — I did a search. I couldn't find anything by Kirsten Powers about Ashli Babbitt, like saying, “Oh, my god, this woman went to speak truth to power" — no pun intended — “and she was murdered." You'd think Kirsten Powers would go, like, “Oh." Because, you know what? They might share religious similarity. I wouldn't be surprised if they're both religious.