At Fox News, guilty until proven innocent

Back on its ACORN hobby horse, Fox News attacks the community organizing group and its possible role as a national partner with the Census Bureau to recruit more than one million temporary workers to go knock on doors for the upcoming census.

Fox stresses ACORN has “a history of voter fraud charges.” Actually, that's how the headline is worded. In the actual online article, Fox News insists ACORN has a “history of voter fraud.” (The pesky ref to “charges” gets dropped.) But does ACORN have a history of voter fraud? An ACORN rep tells Fox the organization has never been convicted of any crime, and the Fox article doesn't produce any evidence to the contrary.

It's true Republicans, amplified by Fox News, aired endless unproven charges against the group last fall and painted the understaffed outfit as an all-powerful cabal. But there's no proof ACORN's done anything wrong. But now Fox News claims that because unproven charges have been waged in the past (amplified by Fox News), that the group is suspect.

That's a nifty Noise Machine trick.