Fox News guest: “There is no systemic racism”

Bill Bennett: “There is no systemic racism, there are individual racists, but this is a big lie because we refuse to talk about the things that are real like family formation, non-family formation”

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Citation From the June 3, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum

BILL BENNETT (GUEST): This claim that this is a fundamentally racist nation is crazy, it's wrong. These cops should be brought to justice. But this blood lust against cops has got to stop. When you say an eye for an eye, there are now five eyes at least or six by law enforcement as opposed to the Mr. Floyd situation. Enough of this killing, let's stop. And let's remember what kind of a country this is, we have some-- 

MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): We hear a lot about systemic racism, do you--

BENNETT: Nonsense, nonsense. 

MACCALLUM: Do you believe that there is systemic racism in this country?   

BENNETT:  No, there isn't. Take a look at the progress of Black Americans since 1965 or 1968. The growth of the Black middle class. I remember I did a study in education, if you have a B average graduating from high school and you're Black, you have a better chance of going to college then if you are white. 

There is no systemic racism, there are individual racists, but this is a big lie because we refuse to talk about the things that are real like family formation, non-family formation, the fact that there is more crime in the city, the fact that there is other problems. But, you know, Obama had eight years, Martha, and he had Democrats in charge for a lot of that. You know, what happened then? Not much.