Fox News guest: “Look at the media's culpability in driving up this division and this rhetoric”

After RNC spokesperson says CNN is “culpable for the rhetoric that we are seeing back and forth,” Free Beacon's Liz Harrington points to “hysterical coverage for two years”

From the October 25  edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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JESSICA TARLOV (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): This is no one's fault but the deranged maniac that is sending those pipe bombs. 


TARLOV: CNN is culpable? You want to be on the record saying that? That a pipe bomb showed up --

MCENANY: No, not culpable for the pipe bomb, culpable for the rhetoric that we are seeing back and forth.


BILL HEMMER (CO-ANCHOR): We are going to keep it measured for now. Liz, would you like to be the arbiter here? 

LIZ HARRINGTON (WASHINGTON FREE BEACON): Sure, I think there's blame to go around for everybody's rhetoric. But I also think it's completely irresponsible for the media to jump on and say this is President Trump's fault personally, when they have no facts. And the fact of the matter is media doesn't care about reporting the facts anymore. They care about reporting a narrative, and the narrative is that it's Trump's fault, and he attacks the media so then the media gets attacked. But look at the media's culpability in driving up this division and this rhetoric.

There's never an excuse for political violence. But when you have hysterical coverage for two years, saying everyone's going to die when we pull out of the Paris accords, everyone's going to die when we pull out of net neutrality and the health care debate. What happened during, after the health care debate when we were going to repeal Obamacare? James Hodgkinson tried to assassinate the entire Republican House caucus. So words matter of course. The media is more to blame -- has more than its share to blame in amping up this debate. 


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