Fox News guest: Georgia legislature should pass a law to give Republican Gov. Kemp ability to pardon Trump

Update (8/15/23): Over at Slate, Jim Newell points out that changing the pardon power in Georgia would require an amendment to the state Constitution, not a new law as Davis suggests:

“Amending the state constitution to change clemency powers would require a 2/3 vote of both the State House and Senate and ratification by a majority of voters in the state’s next general election,” Kaleb McMichen, a spokesman for Georgia House Speaker Jon Burns, explained to me in an email. “As you may be aware, neither political party holds a supermajority of either the State House or Senate making the odds of a controversial amendment meeting the threshold required by the Constitution highly improbable.”

“There have been no discussions of any such legislative action” to put pardons under the governor’s direct control, McMichen wrote.

In other words: If Trump and/or his co-defendants are convicted of the many felony counts with which they were charged on Monday—many of which come with jail time—there is no apparent way out. Perhaps Trump could conjure some sort of conspiracy, with more than a dozen co-conspirators, to apply some kind of illegal reading to the Georgia state constitution. It’s not like he’s gotten in any trouble for something like that before.

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Citation From the August 14, 2023, edition of Fox News' Fox News @ Night

TRACE GALLAGHER (HOST): As far as presidential pardons go Mike, this is different. This is set aside. A state indictment, a state conviction is a different animal than a federal conviction. Is that a fair assessment? 

MIKE DAVIS (GUEST): It is. And under the Georgia law, there is a statute that limits the Republican governor's ability to pardon, and I think that the legislature in Georgia needs to amend that statute and give Governor Kemp the ability to pardon in this situation because this is clear election interference. It is clear Democrat lawfare by Democrat prosecutors where they are trying to have Democrat prosecutors, Democrat judges and Democrat juries and Democrat hellholes decide the next presidential election instead of the American people.