Fox News guest Dan Bongino defends Trump calling journalists “un-American”

Bongino: “It is them versus us, and [Trump] is the only one voicing that”

From the August 24 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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DAN BONGINO: I think his message has been entirely consistent. When he goes to rallies, you are going to hear this one thing every time: the media sucks, end of story. That's going to be at the rally. I don't think that undercuts the other message at all. He just can't stand the media because they call him a racist, and I don't blame him. I'd do the same thing, I'd fire back. I can be spicy at times.


MARIE HARF (CO-HOST): I watched that rally in Phoenix, I want him to be able to do a campaign rally without calling people un-American, without saying journalists hate their --

BONGINO: Yeah, but some of them are. 

HARF: Without saying that journalists hate their country. Without -- 

BONGINO: But Marie, some of them are un-American. 

HARF: Without saying it's them versus us. 

BONGINO: But it is them versus us. 

HARF: I've seen many politicians give campaign rallies that don't end with me watching it thinking, why is he not bringing our country together. 

BONGINO: But it is them versus us, and he's the only one voicing that. 


HARF: And you think that the journalists, are those people -- you're calling the rest of the media --

BONGINO: I've been attacked by journalists. Yeah, they're a bunch of hacks. 

HARF: So have I. 

BONGINO: Yeah, they're terrible, most of them. 

HARF: So have I. But I don't think that means they're un-American, I think that's a step to far for the president who needs to try and bring everyone together in this time of really serious issues.

BONGINO: I disagree.



This is part of Trump's 20-minute attack on the media during rally in Phoenix