Fox News guest co-host admits that the wall is not about immigration but about giving Trump a “political victory”

Dan Bongino: “This is not about immigration. I think everybody at this table knows this. This is about a political victory”

From the January 24 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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DAN BONGINO (GUEST CO-HOST): Here is the problem. This is the “Read my lips” moments. This is not about immigration. I think everybody at this table knows this. This is about a political victory that has to happen because if Donald Trump loses on this the Democrats are going to use the momentum for impeachment. 

DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): Are you admitting that?

BONGINO: No, it's true!

MARIE HARF (GUEST CO-HOST): Wait, I'm sorry, it's not an emergency?

BONGINO: The Democrats are looking to impeach Donald Trump no no no, they were going to move to impeachment and this is a political win he needs right now. Everybody knows that, of course, this is common sense, he cannot lose this fight. This was a solemn promise he made, and Dana, this works for Trump though, because he made a promise and for the first time in D.C., you're getting a non-swamp rat who is actually trying to stick to it. That was his thing.


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