Fox News guest calls the January 6 riot “a clear hoax” planned and carried out by “the feds”

Darren Beattie: “We need to expose the feds for what they’ve done”

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Citation From the June 9, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

DARREN BEATTIE (GUEST): There's a reason that, people like us, when we talk about federal involvement in January 6, it's met with the most vicious and hostile response from the regime imaginable. But no matter how dark and uncomfortable these truths are, the American people need to learn about them from themselves. I encourage everyone, if you're skeptical, if you're not, if you know someone who is skeptical, go to revolver dot news right now. Read our report and challenge others to do so as well and tell them to look you in the eye and say that the feds weren't involved in this. It's a clear hoax. We know what's happened but there's unfinished business and we need to expose the feds for what they've done because, as I've said on your show before, until we bring the national security state to heel, our politics will be nothing but fake and performative.