Fox News guest calls for federal investigation into “professional protesters” because he sees “the same man buns and skinny jeans” at multiple protests

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Citation  From the September 24, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR):  There is a video circulating from the ground in Louisville last night. A U-Haul that pulled up -- protesters grabbed signs, shields and other supplies out of that U-Haul truck. You can watch it happen in the video. Some of the signs had anti-police slogans like abolish the police, abolish now, and F-12, and that video shows -- can you tell us, finally, what you thought when you saw that, Jim? 

JAMES TRUSTY (FORMER DOJ PROSECUTOR):  It kind of got me back on my soapbox here in terms of what needs to happen from DOJ. There are basically professional protesters making the rounds. You'll see the same man buns and skinny jeans in Seattle that you're gonna see in Louisville, not exclusively, but there's a lot of professional protesters running around and that's why I think RICO would be an appropriate investigative tool. Look at the financing and look at the ownership of these groups and how they are leading their people from city to city to cause violence and disrupt the safety of those cities. So, I think there is room for a big federal investigation that ties into that type of conduct of arming protesters and having international or, I should say, interstate commerce effected by it.