Fox News guest advises Republicans “seize the moment” and appoint a new Justice to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Ned Ryun: “This will highlight one of the most important issues for the evangelical base with the most pro-life president we have seen with Donald Trump”

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Citation From the September 18, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): We're going to, throughout the night, intersperse segments on Justice Ginsburg with the implications of her passing. But I think given the accelerated calendar here and the fact that we're in the middle of an election, a very intense presidential election, this will have implications for that race. So what's the [inaudible] in your view, right now?

NED RYUN (GUEST): Well, my advice with Trump and McConnell, I'm hearing that there are some reports that they're going to move on this. And I've been hearing that Amy Coney Barrett who is, I'm a big fan of, in fact I prefer her over Kavanaugh, might be on the inside track for this nomination. I think she'd be a solid choice, she's still in her 40s. She's on the seventh circuit right now, has proven her conservative credentials, has a wonderful story. Obviously, the mother of seven kids but is respected on both sides of the aisle. So I would say Amy Coney Barrett and I think that they will move and I hope they do move, Tucker, before the election.

With Trump and McConnell together and, obviously, the majority in the Senate, this is an opportunity and I say they seize the moment and again, it highlights the fact of what is at stake on November 3rd, the Supreme Court. And this again will highlight, especially for the evangelicals of which I am one, the importance of the Supreme Court especially in regards to the life issue, especially in regards to Roe v. Wade. This will highlight one of the most important issues for the evangelical base with the most pro-life president we have seen with Donald Trump, he can go to the mat with Amy Coney Barrett and say, "I am going to nominate her and we are going to get her confirmed before November 3rd." I think it will be a massive help in his reelection.