Fox News' Greg Gutfeld: White people will “always be the target”

Gutfeld: “We now have to feel guilty at all times about who our ancestors were”

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Citation From the July 24, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): It's weird, it's like the media wants you to believe the Osmond Brothers came up with the curriculum, that it was all evil white people. It's actually -- that's why they keep saying Floridians, because then you don't know what race it was.


But it does gross you out. I think I get grossed out when I see this, because I imagine how much a better country we'd be if people didn't go on this crazy, fake, "we're a divided country" BS.

I think we need, like, a color-blind summer, you know? How much better everyone would feel if Blacks didn't feel oppressed because the media told them to. And that their coworkers and their classmates weren't seen as oppressors because they happened to be white, that would be really nice.

This was not the administration we were promised, right? We were supposed to have -- by old Joe, everybody was supposed to get along. Now, all it is, it's stuff like this to create division, right? We now have to feel guilty at all times about who our ancestors were. And we're always going to be the target. Always be the target and that's -- apparently keeps them out of trouble. I don't know.