Fox News' Greg Gutfeld says Republicans should impeach Joe Biden to get revenge for the impeachments of Donald Trump

Gutfeld: “They wasted our time. Let’s waste theirs”

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Citation From the July 26, 2023, edition of Fox News' Gutfeld!

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): Here's the thing: Donald Trump was impeached for just talking about the Burisma scandal. It only seems fair to impeach Joe for participating in the Burisma scandal. But I hate impeachments because it's all political team sport. Imagine in the Super Bowl one coach could stop the game by suing the other coach for trying to win. And that's what they did to Trump. And the media loves it as long as it's a Republican on the spit. So I say: Impeach away. They wasted our time. Let's waste theirs. And it's deserved. Joe instructed his dirtbag son to make it rain in exchange for influence. If that's not another quid pro quo, I'm Perry Mason in a muumuu.