Fox News Gives Ben Carson The Media Platform He's Looking For

Dr. Benjamin Carson, who skyrocketed to conservative fame after criticizing President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast in February, has stated that he's open to exploring a career in television after he retires from medicine. Carson has received a helping hand from Fox News, which has hosted Carson at least 17 times since his February speech.

In a March 24 Washington Post profile, Carson explained that the likelihood of him running for president -- which has been trumpeted by conservative media outlets -- is “incredibly small,” but that he is much more interested in hosting a TV show:

After a several-day onslaught from fans and the media, many wanting to know his potential political plans, Carson has eased away from suggestions he may have his eyes on the White House. The 61-year-old doctor now says the likelihood of a presidential run is “incredibly small.” What he really wants is a second career in television when he retires from Johns Hopkins later this year.

“Maybe if you write about it in your article, somebody will say, 'Let's do it,' ” he said in an interview.


Before he left, Carson finished his thought. He would like to do a show that focuses on “educating the American populace about things that are essential to our freedom,” he said in his soft, steady voice. Or he would like to try a show that would bring together people who hold opposing views on critical issues that are dividing the nation. Carson would then help them seek a middle ground or resolution.

“If the proper venue was presented, I would probably accept such a thing,” he said.

Since Carson's February 7 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which he advocated for health-savings accounts and a flat tax, Carson has been a major topic of conversation in conservative media. He made eight appearances on various Fox News programming in the days following his speech, and he has made at least nine appearances since then, including a special edition of Hannity that devoted the entire hour to Carson.

Is Fox News grooming its next conservative political figure-turned-TV personality?