Fox News' The Five melts down over Rep. Gaetz's successful removal of Rep. McCarthy as speaker of the House

Jeanine Pirro: “What we’ve got is total chaos”

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Citation From the October 3, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

JEANINE PIRRO (CO-HOST):   I'm furious. First of all, we're without a speaker. This is historic. Something like this hasn't happened in well over 100 years. And now, what we've got is total chaos when the Republicans are playing out their infighting on national television in a historic way instead of fighting Joe Biden's policies. The one time we are up in virtually every metric as it relates to the Biden administration, you've got the Republicans going out there and showing how dysfunctional they are as Matt Gaetz is engaging in fundraising.

And I got to tell you something. I am furious. There's no question that this is something that they have been trying to do for almost nine months that McCarthy's been speaker. And the truth is that they've done a lot in Congress. They've got a lot of bills passed, the fact that the Senate doesn't want to take them. They've done a lot in terms of oversight. And, you know, now you've got the Democrats -- this is the crazy thing -- Democrats who hate the MAGA Republicans are now joining with the MAGA Republicans to oust Speaker McCarthy. This is like the devil is in the middle of all of this chaos and Donald Trump is right. Why are the Republicans fighting with each other like this?


GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): It's kind of sad because nobody bothered to bring any clarity to this, right? If you can't explain or persuade your point without putting people to sleep, you lose. These parties, we realize, are not mirror images. One wants to win and the other doesn't. They shot themselves in the foot, and by foot I mean head.


I'm with Trump on this. I mean, we're talking about this instead of the border, instead of crime, instead of inflation. Every time the Republicans implode, you just give the Democrats more cover than Jerrold Nadler's underpants. We have serious issues right here, right? And instead of uniting and fighting for the people of America who can sense that this country's going in a really bad direction, we're doing this.