Fox News' The Five descends into chaos when confronted with Devon Archer's actual testimony

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Citation From the August 9, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSICA TARLOV (CO-HOST): Now to Devon Archer. So the testimony -- and he wasn't under oath but he still wasn't allowed to lie to them -- was terrible for the Republicans. Jim Comer didn't even show up to thank -- well, let's use real words then instead of laughing or saying, "Come on." He was asked, if someone concluded from the 1023 form -- that you all think is so important -- that Joe Biden was bribed, would you disagree with that?  "Yeah, I would." Devon Archer said that.

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): What does he know about that?

JEANINE PIRRO (CO-HOST): Yeah, how does he know?

TARLOV: Well, then he doesn't matter. Then Devon Archer is either the crux of the puzzle that shows that this is a mob family or he doesn't matter. He said that Viktor --

PIRRO: No, it matters if he's in the middle of it. If he's in the middle of a dinner, then it matters. If it's something that he's not there, then it doesn't matter.

TARLOV: Okay. Viktor Shokin was not good for Burisma, as I've been telling you, as it's been widely reported, as the entire western world --


TARLOV: Because he wasn't investigating corruption --

WATTERS: Yes, he was.

TARLOV: No, he wasn't.

WATTERS: He was seizing their cars.

TARLOV: Guys -- 

PIRRO: Well, wait a minute. Then what was he doing? What was Shokin doing?

TARLOV: I'm so glad that you're back. Okay, hold on one second.

PIRRO: That's not good.

TARLOV: Did Hunter ever ask Joe to take any official actions? Devon Archer: "He did not." They were --

PIRRO: How would he know? They talked --

WATTERS:  How does he know? They talk on the phone every day.

TARLOV: Then what is the --

PIRRO: That's the whole point.

TARLOV: Also, the calls -- there were 20 calls over the course of a decade -- he said more than just the weather. He said they did talk about family and fishing. There's a new --

WATTERS: That was a wink and a nod. Did you see the interview? He said, "Yeah, yeah, we talked about the weather."

TARLOV: You guys will say anything. Okay --

WATTERS: No, that's what he said.

TARLOV: There's a new oversight menu -- memo that's out today, which again does not explain what services were provided by the Bidens --

WATTERS: Exactly. Exactly. Why is he getting the money?

PIRRO: He doesn't have any services.

TARLOV: Then what did they do?

WATTERS:  Exactly. We're asking the same question.


WATTERS: They fired the prosecutor. They got the Chinese kid in the school.