Fox News' Fictional Climate Math

On Fox News, Republican strategist Brad Blakeman denied the scientific consensus on manmade climate change, saying “For every one scientist that says there is, I'll give you 10 scientists that said it's not manmade”:

But in fact, credible surveys have repeatedly found that the vast majority of climate scientists agree humans are changing the climate. For instance, a 2009 survey published by the American Geophysical Union found that 97 percent of those who specialize in climate science said human activity is contributing to rising global temperatures:

Source: Skeptical Science

The American Geophysical Union and several other scientific bodies including the National Academy of Sciences have acknowledged manmade climate change based on a strong and growing body of evidence.

Despite all of this, Fox News has continually and falsely claimed the consensus on climate change does not exist -- yet another example of the network's willful denial of facts. As MSNBC host Rachel Maddow put it after the 2012 presidential election, conservative media need to “pop the factual bubble” if they're going to offer solutions to our problems rather than just wish them away.