Fox News Doesn't Want USDA To Enforce Healthy School Lunches Because It Was Promoted By Michelle Obama

Bret Baier: “President Obama Wants To Take Money Away From Your Kids' School If It Does Not Do Lunch The First Lady's Way”

From the March 31 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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BRET BAIER (HOST): President Obama wants to take money away from your kid's school if it does not do lunch the first lady's way. Correspondent Leland Vittert today from the White House tonight with a little presidential back-up for Michelle Obama's menu. 

LELAND VITTERT: Critics of the first lady's much lampooned school lunch program now have more to complain about. As the USDA wants to fine schools up to 10 percent of their federal meal money for offenses that show a quote, “egregious or persistent disregard for the nutrition rules.”


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