Fox News defends acting attorney general from criticism of his anti-Mueller op-ed because “he was expressing his opinion”

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery compared op-ed to national security adviser John Bolton's “fantastical” desire to invade four countries

From the November 8 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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RICHARD FOWLER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Once again, I said what's more problematic about this is the op-ed [acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker] wrote for CNN disparaging the Mueller investigation. 

MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): Let me address that point with you Kennedy. Because that was in response to James Comey, was it not? There was sort of taking -- he's taking the other side and he's acting as a pundit, and an opinion writer. It doesn't mean that's what he's going to do. 

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (CO-HOST): Yes, that's what an op-ed is, he was expressing his opinion. And I think you can make a similar comparison between John Bolton who has, at least on my show, talked about wanting to invade China and North Korea and maybe Iran and maybe Russia. He's talked about a lot of fantastical invasions, and even though he's national security adviser, he's not doing any of those things, and you shift into a completely different role, and you don't necessarily lord over the Department of Justice wielding your opinion like a lightsaber.


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