On Fox News, David Limbaugh says that if America has immigration like California, it “will spell the death of this country as founded”

Limbaugh: “Republicans have got to realize you can't compromise with people like this”

From the December 20 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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DAN BONGINO (GUEST HOST): David, are the the Democrats going to propose anything on immigration outside of these ridiculous compassion arguments? Again, we've taken in millions of immigrants and I wonder as well, where is the compassion for the American taxpayer? We have people in this country who work very hard and a class of legal immigrants who worked hard to come here. Where is the respect for people who waited in line, like I said, my wife being one of them, who came to the country legally?

DAVID LIMBAUGH (AUTHOR AND ATTORNEY): They do not, as Lawrence said, they are for open borders, they do not want to enforce the wall, or enforce the border. They oppose a wall, they always pretend that -- they'll promise that they'll give us border security if we give them amnesty and DACA and that kind of thing and they always breach their promise. Republicans have got to realize you can't compromise with people like this except on certain issues like on the criminal reform -- prison reform bill. But on immigration, no. They want to get as many democratic boarders across the border and turn the entire United States into California where we don't have assimilation, we don't have people that come in adopting and embracing our civic way of life and our constitution and that will spell the death of this country as founded. 


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