Fox News contributor says timing of Arizona's near-total abortion ban “absolutely seems scripted” to hurt Republicans politically

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Citation From the April 9, 2024, edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier

BRET BAIER (ANCHOR): Byron, significant and it seems like politically harmful to Republicans kind of across the board.

BYRON YORK (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR):  Almost seems scripted. Trump comes out yesterday and makes this big statement about leaving abortion to the states. He's really trying to create a tent that enough Republicans can stand under to elect him in November. So he does that yesterday. Today, Arizona comes out, after the Biden campaign jumps all over Trump and said, “States are going to do radical things and Trump is going to be at fault," and then they do this with this 1864 law. It absolutely seems scripted. And Trump is going to get stuck with this time after time after time throughout this campaign.