Fox News contributor says there is a “war on Christians” in America

Sean Duffy: “They have no tolerance for us”

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Citation From the December 9, 2022, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

AINSLEY EARHARDT (FOX NEWS HOST): Sean, what about — when does government get involved? Because what if you owned a restaurant and they wanted — they were a pro-abortion group, and they wanted to — I know where you and Rachel stand on that. 

SEAN DUFFY (FOX NEWS HOST): I agree with the point. We do have to have consistency but I think the larger theme here is that Christianity is becoming offensive to a lot of Americans. And so you look at Kirk Cameron story, he wrote a Brave Books about biblical faith issues and libraries kept him out of doing a story hour. However, they let drag queen story hours come into the library. And so there is an issue and an affront and a war on Christians in America saying they're  intolerant, we don't want them in our place of business, that is really concerning to me and I learned this a long time ago, on liberal intolerance I did the Real World, Rachel did the Real World on MTV and liberals back then were like, "Oh, we are so tolerant." They're the most intolerant people that you will ever meet. And conservatives actually will go, "Listen I will do all the liberal things, I'll participate in your liberal shows." They have no tolerance for us.