Fox News contributor: Execute a captive in Guantanamo Bay every time an American soldier dies overseas

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Citation From the September 7 edition of Fox & Friends Weekend

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Both you guys are veterans of the Afghan war, I served in Afghanistan as well. When you look at the nature of this enemy, Joey, I'll start with you, is a good peace deal even possible here?

JOEY JONES (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I don’t think so. A good peace deal in the sense of is there a good deal for Afghanistan? No. Can there be a good deal for us? The president seems to think so and his advisers do. The first thing I would do today, is every time one of our soldiers dies overseas during these talks, I would go down to Guantanamo and I would execute a Taliban captive. We have to show them that we’re not just looking for an exit strategy. If that’s what they believe we’re doing, which really is what it looks like, then, you know, they have the time and we have the watch. They'll wait us out. But if they understand that we’re not going to let them do the things they’ve done before, to include 9/11 or harboring people like that, then we might have a place of negotiation. But the way it is right now, they're killing us while we're talking to them about territory they can keep that we spent 20 years taking away from them or fighting them over. It sounds a lot like negotiating a loss and I don’t believe we deserve that.