Fox News Commentators Blame Rubio's Super Tuesday Loss In Virginia On Kasich

Megyn Kelly: “If You Look At The Numbers ... It Looks Like The Reason Rubio Didn't Win ... Was Kasich”

From the March 1 edition of Fox News' America's Election HQ: 

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MEGYN KELLY (CO-HOST): Let me ask you this. Because if you look at the numbers, drill down on the numbers in Virginia, for example, it looks like the reason Rubio didn't win there was Kasich. 

BRIT HUME: Well that's one way of arguing it. 

KELLY: Not to mention, Trump. No, but Kasich took a fair amount of the vote. But if you look at the numbers there, just looking at this in Virginia, a 55 percent majority of Virginia Republicans said they would be dissatisfied with Trump as the party standard bearer, but Trump won Virginiatonight, because even though they liked Rubio, Kasich took --

HUME: That's right

KELLY: So that's his argument. He's going to say all I need is for more people to drop out. And then I'll be the standard bearer

HUME: That's been true in his case for weeks. And I think it's going to continue to be true. Kasich doesn't look like he's going anywhere at least until Ohio. That's, what, two weeks off now. And I think it's plausible to argue, as Rubio may, I don't think he's going to say it publicly, that had it not been for Kasich, he would have done much better tonight, won Virginia, perhaps won elsewhere. And the reason it's plausible -- in most of these cases, if Cruz drops out, I don't think -- I don't know how much of that support Rubio would get, probably not all that much. Certainly he would have to divide it some with Trump. Because a lot of Cruz people regard Trump as a -- regard their candidate, Cruz, as an outsider. They would go to Trump. But Kasich is a different matter altogether. He's the least conservative of the people remaining in the race, and Rubio would be more likely to pick up support from his followers than, certainly than Trump would. So it's a plausible argument to make. And I suspect Republican office holders in Washington who would like to be reelected are thinking, John Kasich, you're killing us. Because they're terrified of Trump for two reasons. One, of course, they think he'll drag them down to an unprecedented defeat, wipe out their majorities in both the Senate and the House while he's doing it.  And they're also equally concerned that if he ever got elected, it would be a nightmare. So that's how they're looking at it. That's the people that of course have denounced all of the times the establishment. But they form the base of most of the Republican officeholders. And to them, this is frightening. And Kasich has got to be driving them crazy. 


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