Fox News' Charlie Hurt defends Donald Trump amid criticism he fabricated claims about speaking with murder victims family

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Citation From the April 3, 2024, edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier

BRET BAIER (HOST): You could go through all kinds of campaign events, Charlie, and say who said what, when. These emotional things, obviously those families are weighing in.

CHARLIE HURT (GUEST): Yeah, and then you have Democrats attacking Donald Trump for talking about it in a political campaign. Well, what are you supposed to talk about in a political campaign except things that matter to people? And this is something that matters deeply to people. And, of course, we saw it in 2016, you know, with the case of Kate Steinle who was murdered, was shot to death in California. And then we see it again, you know, now, going on now. And of course Donald Trump is going to talk about it, and he should talk about it. That's why we elect people. That's why we have elections -- 

BAIER: But they're making a point of saying he didn't talk to the family.

HURT: Yeah. But I don't -- but he does -- you know, he is very well connected with, on these issues and he cares about these issues. And his ability to connect with lots of families who go through these ordeals has been notable, and something by the way that Joe Biden has not done much of.