Fox News caught red-handed (again) doctoring video

UPDATE: For photographic proof that one of the rallies Fox News presented as being from Palin's book tour actually took place last year on the campaign trail, go here.

As the folks over at Think Progress note, Fox News's Gregg Jarrett today used old stock footage of a McCain-Palin rally from last year to illustrate how Sarah Palin is “continuing to draw huge crowds” during her book tour. He was apparently not tipped off by the McCain campaign “Country First” sign in one of the shots, nor did he wonder why Palin would be using a teleprompter to plug her book.

This is the second time in ten days Fox News has been caught deceptively using video to advance a misleading storyline - and that's just the tip of Fox News' video-doctoring iceberg. Maybe now Howard Kurtz will admit that there's a larger cultural problem with Fox News?