On Fox News, Caitlyn Jenner defends trans athlete ban

Jenner, a Fox News contributor, last appeared on the network on August 14, 2023

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Citation From the March 14, 2024, edition of Fox News' America Reports

JOHN ROBERTS (HOST): Breaking moments ago, more than a dozen current and former colleague athletes, including Riley Gaines, have filed a lawsuit against the NCAA, the university system of Georgia, and others for their transgender policies. Joining us with reaction is Caitlyn Jenner, Olympic gold decathalon winner and a Fox News contributor. Caitlyn, to my knowledge, I mean, there is Megan Fields Cortez who is at Ramapo College right now, is a pretty successful swimmer. To my knowledge, there is no transgender swimmers right now in the NCAA that are at the level of Lia Thomas, but what do you think of the lawsuit filed against the NCAA and the University of Georgia system for their policies?

CAITLYN JENNER (GUEST): Well, it seems like on this subject everybody right now everyone is lawyering up, and it's unfortunate our society has come to that. The moment you open the door to anyone who is biologically female and, to be honest with you, it's nothing about discrimination against gender identity. It's rather, it's so simple. It's just about anybody who developed biologically male has an unfair advantage in competition and they really do have that. It's called, you know, just, it's unfair to do something like this. Well, the far left and especially right now in this lawsuit we are talking about what's happening in Nassau County, I mean, everybody is getting involved. Letitia James is involved. It's just, honestly, it's getting out of hand.

ROBERTS: So this is over a law that was passed in the county which does not allow biological males as transgender women to compete on women's teams. It was put into law by the Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman. Letitia James, as you mentioned, has threatened to file suit over it. I believe that Nassau County is counter-suing because of it, but here is what the supervisor Bruce Blakeman said about the idea of biological men competing with women.


ROBERTS: You know, we talk about the inherent advantages that biological males have, particularly in teenagehood after adolescence, over women, but this has really become more of a political football than anything. You have Republicans say they want to preserve the ability of women to compete in women's sports, they want to make sure there is a fair playing field. At the same time, people on the left are demonizing Republicans — transphobic and discriminatory are two of the words Letitia James used about the ordinance in Nassau County.

JENNER: First of all, Letitia James, she's proven time after time that she is an attention seeker, she's a radical far-left ideologue, and it's a shame that there are so many problems in New York, New York City, the state of New York, you have an Attorney General that constantly wants to be in front of the camera and put her point out there. In all these lawsuits, they never talk about how many people are actually being affected by these trans people. Even in Nassau County, we don't even know how many trans people are out there, you know, competing. Is it 1, is it 2 in the whole county? We really don't know, it's such a small number of people. And so it's just, it's unfortunate. What we have to do is we have to keep fighting this and we have to fight for the integrity of women's sports and we have to stop it now because to be honest with you, John, you know, it's gonna be legal, in court, we are going to be fighting this for a long time, but it has to stop because we have to protect the integrity of sports. I mean, it's the bottom line. And if we don't stop it now, what's gonna happen five, ten years, ten years down the line? It's only going to get harder and harder to stop. So, let's work hard, let's have women fight with us like the Riley Gaines of the world, fight this fight and its the only way we are going to win it. Because the lawyers are going to be lawyering up on this one. 

ROBERTS: Well, no question. The people who are going to make a lot of money at this are the lawyers.