Fox News' Brit Hume says Lara Trump is committing “political malpractice” by attacking Larry Hogan

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Citation From the June 3, 2024, edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier

JOHN ROBERTS (HOST): Does it make sense, Brit, to kneecap somebody who might just get you the Senate?

BRIT HUME (GUEST): No, it's political malpractice. I mean, Maryland is a very blue state. And Larry Hogan, who remained popular as a Republican governor, and remains that way to this day, is giving the Republican Party the best chance it's had in a long time to elect a Republican to the Senate. And the Lara Trumps of the world ought to be saying, "Please, Mr. Hogan, please Governor Hogan, you do whatever you have to do to get elected and some of the things you say and you believe in don't agree with what I think, that's okay. Do what you have to do." That's how politics is played by smart people. 

And, you know, you remember how Trump himself went into Georgia after the 2020 election and gummed up the works down there by criticizing the voting process down there and basically talking voters out of voting. It cost the Republicans control of the Senate. So, let's hope that the Trump family doesn't repeat the same mistake this time. If you're a Republican, you should hope that because that's what could happen with this kind of stupid stuff.