Fox News’ Bret Baier says Donald Trump's involvement is making it impossible for Republicans to select a speaker of the House

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Citation From the October 24, 2023, edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier

BRET BAIER (HOST): Chad, I understand there's all kinds of things flying around here, but if the former President is going to weigh in and say that it has to be someone who was loyal to him with different votes in the past, how possibly are they going to get to the 217 if not getting Democrats to buy into somebody? 

CHAD PERGRAM (GUEST): It is absolutely impossible. I spoke with Eli Crane earlier and he said that was part of the difference here. The phone line started to light up and they were just against Tom Emmer. Tom Emmer and former President Trump were never on the same page, Bret.