On Fox News, Anthony Tata says he is willing to serve as Trump's secretary of defense if asked

Henry: “He praised you, about your television commentary today”

From the December 20 edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum:

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ED HENRY (GUEST HOST): He praised you, about your television commentary today. If he picks up the phone and says “I want to consider you for Defense Secretary,” what would you say?

ANTHONY TATA: I'm always proud to serve my country. I've served as a general in combat, I've served as Secretary of Transportation in North Carolina, and I've served as superintendent of schools, in Raleigh area, 15th largest school district in the country. So, I --

HENRY: Sounds like you might want to serve again.

TATA: I -- I'm proud -- I'm proud to serve my country anytime, and would welcome any opportunity to do that.


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