Fox News and Obama as the Muslim Manchurian Candidate

Just in case folks missed this Fox News clip from yesterday, it's quite extraordinary and deserves a view, especially the part where Jim Pinkerton basically suggests that if Obama wins re-election, he'll finally out himself as a Muslim.

I kid you not. That's the premise Pinkerton is pushing on national television; that Obama kept his Muslim roots hidden during the campaign, but that signs of it are starting to show now, and when he's safely elected he'll finally feel comfortable practicing Islam out the open.

Behold the 'mainstream' conservative movement in America!

BTW, also in the clip, Cal Thomas declares that he's embarrassed to say he's a journalist because the press won't question anything Obama does. Funny, we never thought of Thomas as a journalist in the first place; more like a human GOP talking point. And if Thomas can post all the columns he wrote between 2000 and 2008 that questioned anything Bush did, we'd sure like to give them a look.