Fox medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel says there's no concern over Trump working in the Oval Office while still contagious

Dr. Siegel: “The air purification system in the Oval Office is excellent”

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Citation From the October 7, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

DR. MARC SIEGEL (GUEST): I haven't seen his chart, Tucker, so I'm not going to say what the impact of steroids or anything else is other than what you said. He looks healthy, he's breathing comfortably. He's not short of breath, he doesn't have oxygen and he's going back to work in the Oval. Now that, to physicians is a very positive sign: someone who wants to go back to work. And a former White House official told me that the ventilation system and the air purification system in the Oval Office is excellent. Also, I'm sure people will be wearing N95 masks, there will be social distancing, there will be disinfecting.