FOX left out facts in Willey interview

On June 22 on FOX News Live, FOX News Channel ran a video clip from an interview with former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey in which she asserted that former President Bill Clinton, whose memoir My Life was released on June 22, “oughta rename the book, that it oughta be 'My Lies,' by Bill Clinton.” Yet FOX News Channel failed to report that Willey's testimony against Clinton was discredited in a formal report by independent counsel Robert W. Ray, who found that Willey was an unreliable witness whose testimony would be unusable in any attempt to prove that Clinton gave false testimony.

FOX News Channel also neglected to mention that, in his book, Clinton refuted Willey's allegations as follows:

CLINTON: In mid-month, 60 Minutes ran an interview with a woman named Kathleen Willey, who claimed I had made an unwanted advance toward her while she was working in the White House. It wasn't true. We had evidence that cast doubt on her story, including the affidavit of her friend Julie Hiatt Steele, who said Willey had asked her to lie by saying she had told Steele about the alleged episode shortly after it happened, when in fact she hadn't. (My Life, p. 780)

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