Fox hosts suggest it's “tyrannical” for Joe Biden to urge governments to enact mask mandates

Greg Gutfeld: “It's Biden who says this has to be mandated. Is he the tyrant now?”

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Citation From the August 13, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): So, who's the autocrat now? We've been told that Trump was this tyrant, this autocrat, who was just going to force everybody to do what he wanted and yet he said, "No, you governors, you do what you want and hopefully you will do the right thing. We'll have 50 different experiments, see what happens. But now it's Biden who says this has to be mandated. Is he the tyrant now? Is the media going to go after him? I doubt it. I do think this might be a trap. That if you say, like Dana says, "This is kind of excessive." They're going to say, "Oh! You're anti-science and you want people to die. You're probably a racist and sexist too."

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Marie, do you think this is tyrannical? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris demanding everybody wear a mask, wherever they are?