Fox hosts demand ruling out “sweeping massive changes” after the mass murder of children at a Texas elementary school

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Citation From the May 24, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

KELLYANNE CONWAY (HOST): It should not be an occupational hazard of an elementary school student to go to school and for this to happen to them. I really hope people don't speculate, don't jump to the political conclusions, don't call for these sweeping massive changes while people are grieving and it sounds to me like may not even have been reunited with children yet. 

GREG GUTFELD: That is kind of the -- In this day and age of Twitter, this inclination to immediately get a scalpel over a horrible, horrible story. I do think that in time, of course, there's going to be the scouring of the social media. What did he post and when because that tends to be the next step in the next few hours. Right now we're in that, as you say, such a fluid situation, where's there's all this micro-reporting and sometimes it's good to step back, take a breath and wait for the information to accumulate because as we've just seen right now, the facts keep changing.